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Patent Pending

The oboe reed case, revamped!!      Exclusive to Florida Reeds.


Case Features Include:

  • Unmatched ventilation - The best ventilation of any reed case currently on the market!! Moisture is no longer an issue. Reeds dry faster and will last longer than in any other case.
  • Lightweight and Strong - Designed from rigid, light plastic. 
  • Patented Reed Holders - Tired of how cramped typical 20-reed cases are? These flexible, silicone-like reed holders comfortably hold Oboe and English horn reeds, and will conform to fit most thicknesses of thread wrap. They are anti-microbial and keep reeds suspended in air. 
  • Extremely Affordable - Budget-friendly and priced lower than any other reed case of similar capacity. Every oboist deserves a quality reed case, without the price gouging!
  • Capacity - Case holds 18 Oboe reeds of any shape. The reed holders also comfortably hold English Horn reeds.
  • Wide Variety of Colors - 5 colors at launch, with more on the way!!
  • BPA Free


Stock cases have ventilation holes. You can customize the number of vent holes, or opt to not have any at all! Simply leave a comment at checkout or send me a message with your preference.

Custom Oboe & English Horn Reed Case

  • Most cases have a 1 week prep time. All cases are handmade in-house. Shipped via USPS.

    International shipping available at checkout.