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All reed cases are being sold via Waitlist/Pre-Order. Please be aware of current shipping timeframes (listed in the Updates section) prior to ordering.


This is the culmination of over 2 years of research and tests. The main emphasis is ventilation - think “a case that breathes.” These cases are “pocket friendly” with a very durable and rounded exterior. The design language was influenced by Apple’s minimalist aesthetic. These cases hold 6 reeds total, 3 on each side. Additionally, they’re available in a selection of fun colors!


We've gotten many requests for single reed cases over the years. The problem is, these cases aren't very diverse, with most being very similar to one another. We wanted to create something totally unique, and that offered multiple improvements and innovations over other products out there.


The process began by examining over a dozen popular cases on the market - to look for areas of improvement, but also to AVOID copying anything! The current design is totally unique in form and function, and was thoroughly tested in one of the harshest environments of all - middle and high school band classrooms! These cases were a success, and all the students loved them.


Case Features Include:

Multiple ventilation ports -  Vent holes are present on the top and bottom of case. The ramp that holds the 6 reeds is hollow, and features vent holes and internal channels to vent moisture out via holes on the lid of the case.
Strong Case Shell - Designed from rigid and light 3D-printed plastic. This is a dense material that is extremely durable. The lid is secured via strong magnets that prevent case from opening if dropped.
Solid Reed Holders - Reeds are held in place via friction - similar to many single reed cases.

Flat Surface to Prevent Warping of Reeds - Reeds sit on a surface with integrated channels (for airflow and ventilation). This surface is flat and machined to exacting standards to prevent warping of reeds while drying.

Numbered Reed Slots - This will assist in organizing your reeds.

Available in Multiple Colors - Finally reed cases that are colorful and fun! The two components (case shell and reed ramp/lid) are all interchangeable between any of these cases. If you own multiple cases, you can mix and match colors! 



Remember, not all reeds are the same. The reeds are held in place by friction, so you'll need to become familiar with how much force is required to keep your specific reeds secured in place, and without getting stuck. Once you receive your case, it's important to test this out.


Luckily, if a reed becomes stuck you can simply wiggle it back and forth (left/right) until it is loosened and falls free. 


Clarinet & Alto Sax 6-Reed Case

  • All orders for reed cases are now being sold via Waitlist/Pre-Order. Current wait times vary depending on quantity, color, and customizations ordered. The minimum wait time is approximately 5 months.

    All items are made-to-order. Shipped via USPS for $6.50.

    International Shipping is available at checkout.

  • We are offering FREE replacements and service if you encounter any issues with your case! This includes accidental damage. Due to the handmade nature of this product, we do not accept returns or exchanges. 

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