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Order Timeframes

All orders for reed cases are now being sold via Waitlist/Pre-Order. Current wait times vary depending on quantity, color, and customizations ordered. The minimum wait time is approximately 5 months.

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we realize shipping times have been extremely extended for the past 9+ months. It is not fun waiting for items. These products and very unique (essentially one of a kind) and we have explored alternative ways to get orders out faster. However, all of that resulted in big cuts to quality. Everything is still made by hand, one at a time, with great care.


Business exploded and we are still trying to adjust, without sacrificing quality. Love the new enthusiasm and interest in our products! Our goal is to constantly improve, and it has been a HUGE learning experience. The order timeframes table is the next step to better serve all our customers!

Please note, that orders placed in December thru early January (2021-2022) are currently on the workbench. 


Currently prepping approx 2 dozen orders for black reed cases! (plain black, uncustomized)

These will be shipping throughout this week (3/27- 4/1) and next week.

Updated 3/27/23

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