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Blanks in the new contrabassoon reed shape designed here at Florida Reeds. 

This is a great all-rounder shape somewhat similar to a Rieger 1, but with a few notable differences - wider at the collar, wider/more straight tube. 


We've been tweaking this design with feedback from pro contra players and students alike. Based on the feedback, this current design has an extremely even and consistent tone and intonation throughout the entire range of the contra. Additionally, it offers a very nuanced tone when scraped thinner, and a powerful/projecting tone when left a bit more thick.


The reed will arrive clipped at 36mm (just for us to check the quality of the tip opening), and will require further clipping as well as a significant amount of scraping. Blanks are made from Medir cane. 

Contrabassoon Reed Blank - FL Reeds Custom Shape

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