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These cases take many design cues from my single reed cases. Since releasing my custom oboe/English horn 12 & 24 reed cases years ago, I've gotten constant requests for something that is even more compact and with a smaller capacity.


The main emphasis is still ventilation - think “a case that breathes.”  Vent holes are present on the top and bottom of the case. The cases also have a very durable and rounded exterior. The design language was influenced by Apple’s minimalist aesthetic. These cases hold 6 reeds total - and can accommodate both oboe AND English horn reeds. Additionally, they’re available in a selection of fun colors!


Case Features Include:

Multiple ventilation ports -  Vent holes are present on the top and bottom of case. Reeds dry faster and will last longer than in any other case. Cases can be made without vent holes upon request, for no additional charge.

Patented Reed Holders - Tired of how cramped typical reed cases are? These flexible, silicone-like reed holders comfortably hold Oboe and English horn reeds, and will conform to fit most thicknesses of thread wrap. They are anti-microbial and keep reeds suspended in air.
Strong Case Shell - Designed from rigid and light 3D-printed plastic. This is a dense material that is extremely durable. The lid is secured via strong magnets that prevent case from opening if dropped.

Available in Multiple Colors - Finally reed cases that are colorful and fun! The two components (case shell and reed ramp/lid) are all interchangeable between any of these cases. If you own multiple cases, you can mix and match colors! 


All reed cases are being sold via Waitlist/Pre-Order. Please be aware of current shipping timeframes (listed in the Updates section) prior to ordering.


Oboe & English Horn 6-Reed Compact Slider Case

  • All orders for reed cases are now being sold via Waitlist/Pre-Order. Current wait times vary depending on quantity, color, and customizations ordered. The minimum wait time is approximately 5 months.

    All items are made-to-order. Shipped via USPS for $6.50.

    International Shipping is available at checkout.

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