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Our new, refined Premium Bassoon Reed Case!!


We released our original Custom Bassoon Reed Case about 2 years ago. Since then, small improvements have been made based on customer feedback. However, a "deluxe" case has been missing in our lineup - one that pushes the envelope just a bit further....and finally it's here!!


There will be no wait times after ordering these cases, and they are not "made-to-order." The inventory shown here is all that we have at the moment. They will be produced in small batches going forward.

New Innovations & Case Features Include:

New ventilation ports - We've taken our original concept one step further, and have designed a new proprietary vent system that does not let in dust or debris. These vents allow the same amount of air in as previous designs but look less eccentric and more refined.
Lightweight and Strong - Designed from rigid, light plastic. The plastic is significantly denser, and stronger than prior cases.
Patented Reed Holders - Flexible, silicone-like reed holders are anti-microbial and keep reeds completely suspended in air.

Metal Hinges - Durable hinges that allow for SILENT opening/closure. These hinges provide a more "premium" feel versus our other cases.

5 Colors at Launch

Black - a marble black color with white specks

White/Cement - a marble white color with black and grey specks

Forest Green - translucent green color

Blue - translucent blue color

Yellow - translucent yellow color


Premium Bassoon 10-Reed Case


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