Professional Mark II

  • A variant of our professional reed. We are continuously updating the design of the Mark II reed, and testing new materials.

    It utilizes the same adjustments of the Professional Thread Wrap reed, but the cane is hand-selected using a density/harness tester. Wire is used instead of standard thread. The wire I choose depends on the individual characteristics of the cane. Typically copper, stainless steel, or brass is used. Keep in mind that some of these materials tarnish (especially copper) and will darken, but this has no ill effect on sound quality.

    The result is a unique and powerful sound, with lots of overtones. Reed shape is a modified Herzberg.

  • Shipped via USPS Priority Mail for $3.50. 

    All reeds are made-to-order, and are fulfilled in the order they are received. Due to high demand, and the large volume of orders we receive, some orders may be delayed. The typical turnaround is 10 days, plus a brief 5-day quarantine prior to shipping. However, due to recent demand, typical turnaround is 1-3 weeks. Tracking # sent out when I put reeds on their 5-day quarantine.