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Terms and Conditions of Attendance and Participation at the International Bassoon Meetup 2020 Conference

By registering for the event you are agreeing to these terms, which form a legal contract between the Attendee (“you”) and the International Bassoon Meetup. If you are registering on behalf of another it is your responsibility to ensure that the person attending is aware of these terms and accepts them.

“Click”: You agree to these terms and conditions. This is required to attend the International Bassoon Meetup 2020.



Payment. Registration is free to attend the International Bassoon Meetup 2020. No payment is required.



You must register in order to be admitted to the sessions.


Media Release

Performers for the masterclasses agree that their pre-recorded video submissions will be played at the masterclass and utilized only for the masterclass. Attendees and performers are not allowed to record or make videos of the masterclass or the Q&A sessions or publish any part of the aforementioned to social media.


Privacy Policy

Participants’ personal information will not be distributed outside of this organization.


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